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The first ever English Indian Kindergarten is set to open in Dongtan, Hwaseong-si, Korea. It is a great opportunity for your kids to learn English as a native language, along with science and maths. Our hope is to invoke your students' creativity through art and to teach them healthy activities through gym. Indian kids will also get a unique opportunity to learn their national language, Hindi, as well as Indian traditions and culture. Our kindergarten will include an English program based on American curriculum and a Hindi syllabus based on the CBSE curriculum of India. Your best chance of success is with Apple Tree English Kindergarten.


Apple Tree Indian Academy invites you and your student to participate in a Free Orientation Program for two-to-three- and three-to-four-year-olds, beginning in April. It will consist of one month’s free tuition, including lunch for your child and transportation to and from the Academy, from April 4 to the 29. The program will be weekdays for 3 hours. For more information, see our post, "Promotional Event."

Monday, February 21, 2011

Senior Kindergarten Syllabus

Senior K.G Syllabus  (Age 5-6 Years)

· Revision of upper & lower case  letters with vocabulary
· Revision of vowels
· Advance Phonics & related vocabulary 
· Reading sentences & paragraphs
· Opposites
. Genders
. Tenses
· Writing:
·Cursive writing practice
· Phrases, sentences
· Primary and Secondary Colors
· Making 4-5 letter words &  opposites
· Sing Along Songs & Rhymes
· Story Sessions & Conversation
· Picture Talks
· Building Vocabulary

· Counting 1-300
· Recognition of numerals 1-300 &  Value Association
· Reverse counting, Skip Count
· Missing numerals
· Sequencing numerals
· What comes after & before
· More, less,equal, ordinal  numerals
· Ascending order and descending order
· Tables 1-5
· 2 Digit Addition, Subtraction,  Multiplication,Series
· Simple exercises on solving rates.
· Time 
· Graphs & Shapes


 . Explore Themes in Science

 . Living Things

 . Sky and Water

 . Caring for Earth

 . Matter

 . Motion

 . Learn Scientific Vocabulary

 . Conduct Simple Science   experiments             


 . Learn to write all the vowels and alphabets.
 · Learn to read two letter words.

 · Add new vocabularies and learn matrayein.

 . Songs and chants.                  

·       Chanting & Shlokahas
·       Chanting,    
·        Yoga
·       Dynamic movements, Postures, Breathing exercise,
·       History of India
·        Kingdoms & dynasties
·        Great kings of India
·        Philosophers
·        Freedom fighters
·        Leaders of India
·        Monuments
·        Historical & Pilgrimage Places
·       Geography of India
·        Physical Features of India
·        Climate of India
·        Main Maps - states, major rivers, major crop area
·        Natural resources
·       Crops of India
·       Story telling classes
·        Epics: Ramayana, Dhashavatara
·       stories: Akbar-Birbal, Panchatantra, Aesop's Fables, Tenali Rama
·       Celebrating Indian Festival

·       Coloring
·        Puzzles
·       Scrap Book and Chart making
·       Project works
·       Collecting the coins and stamps
·       Games
·       Creativity
·        Making thorans,
·        kites,
·        cards,
·        Rangoli
·       Letter writing to grand parents
·       Singing patriotic songs

·         Art & Craft
·        Cooking Activities
·        Imaginative & Free Play
·        Gym Time
·        Educative Games
·        Dance & Music
·         Outings & Excursions
·         Science Experiences

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